Joachim Riewesell

3 Smart Steps to multiply your Growth Rate

So many Business Owners and Entrepreneurs want to grow,

they struggle and try many ways – without desired results.

With 3 smart and simple steps You can achieve the results you want.

It’s simple – but not easy.

Reducing Costs alone is not the solution

Annual growth rates of up to 5% are normal in the industry, sometimes 10%. The margin is small, hence the income of the owner rather limited. The leadership tries to reduce costs, working conditions worsen, the employees get unhappy and the quality is suffering as well.

This is not good for any aspect of the Business.

This creates a lot of stress! And as a Business Owner you might get nervous, stressed out and don’t feel good anymore. You send Sales People to training, and you attend training yourself. But no changes in the results.

Lasting changes can be achieved only when the Cause of the Problem is being treated, not the symptoms.

Most People even know what needs to be done – but don’t do it.

The Problem is not the Knowing, it is the Doing.

I offer some real help so that you improve your results.

With a lot of experience in the industry, in Engineering and in Sales & Marketing, I know what works.

Knowing about the Brain and the Mind I understand what mistakes most Leaders make.

And I made them as well. But I learned.

If you have any interest at all in improving the Business, let me know. One single talk can make the difference.

Contact me by email or phone.

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When you started to run your Business, you had dreams, visions, hopes and expectations.

Somewhere along the way you lost them. But you have it all back.

There is no reason why it should not be possible for your Visions to become reality, except you give up.

You long to have the spare time for your private life, the income, the freedom to live, the success in your business. Step by step you will get closer to your goals. Decide to live the life you want!

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