My Focus:

  • coaching, training and mentoring for entrepreneurs;
  • Topic: Lead better, sell more, earn more, have more free time.

Yes it’s true. I really like people. I love meeting people, listening to their stories, learning from experiences of others.

However, it makes me sad when I meet lovely people with skills and potential who just don’t get things done. They struggle, try to solve problems, and somehow keep failing.

Unfortunately, this also applies to many Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

My name is Joachim Riewesell, I was born in 1960 and that means I have gained quite a bit of life experience.

I live alone, have 3 wonderful adult children and am a proud grandfather of 2 grandchildren.

I have started my own business in 2004. As a sales expert I have supported industrial companies to open up new markets, acquire new customers and significantly increase sales.

Because of my success some company owners asked me if I would train their sales teams. In order to develop myself I attended trainings for Sales and also for Coaching.

Since then I am a certified Sales Trainer and Sales Coach.

After studying Cognitive Neuroscience at the Academy of Neuroscience I obtained a Masters Degree under Prof. Dr. Dr G. Roth. Knowing how the brain functions I was now able to incorporate “brain-friendly” training.

This, plus Neuroscience based Personal Development, is which significantly improves the results of my clients.

Further training in the USA and Canada opened the doors to mental training and the interaction between consciousness and the brain.

And it is THIS combination which become the proven road to success.

Before starting my own business, I held various management positions, including General Manager of an electronics company and Chief Marketing Officer at a software company. These positions allowed me to work worldwide, organising Trade Shows and Exhibitions, and also finding Distributors and training them.

Before that, I lived and worked in Asia for 5 years as a Service Engineer for ship electronics, among other things, and got into Technical Sales there.

And if you want to know more about me, just ask me.

I’d love having a chat with you.