my coaching

You’ve already learned and studied a lot, possibly awarded with academic titles. You know your field of expertise. But you are not really successful yet.

Your entire knowledge will not help if you do not implement it. And that’s where the problem lies.

Knowledge does not necessarily mean having the ability to do it. We all do things that we know are not good. And we DO NOT DO things that would be really good.

You will learn how the brain works. You’ll understand why you have not made the decisions that will make you successful. And we will work together to lay the foundations for you to make and implement success-oriented decisions as quickly as possible.

This form of coaching ALWAYS leads to success because the healthy brain is always the same in humans; no matter what industry you are in or what your background, culture and country is.

It helps a lot that I have worked in sales for 20 years myself. In various areas of the high-tech industry. I know how it feels like to sit in front of an annoying purchase manager. And that means that I can you prepared really well and specific. And you realize that I understand exactly how you feel. That is helpful.