As a certified Business and Life Coach, Joachim Riewesell helps transform Your Business and Life in such a way, that You have great Success in Your BUSINESS AND LIFE.

Nearly everybody agrees that besides health also FREEDOM OF TIME AND MONEY is vital for a Life of Happiness and Fulfillment.

For over 20 years Joachim has worked with professionals and companies within the High-Tech Industry in Europe, USA and Asia. He helped them make their business more successful and improve their results.

Joachim has lived and worked for more than 5 years mainly in Japan and Taiwan, but also in South-Korea.

Back in Germany Joachim became General Manager in the Electronics and Semiconductor Business and as a Sales Expert he led his company to outstanding increases in revenues, improved the productivity, the working moral and the level of happiness of the workforce.

Along this way Joachim has constantly upgraded his knowledge and capabilities. Coming from Maritime Electronics Engineering Joachim studied Cross Cultural Communication and Counseling in the UK. Later he obtained his certifications as an NLP Master-Practitioner, Professional Sales Trainer and Sales Coach. After studying under renown University Professors in cooperation with the „academy of neuroscience“ he also obtained his Master Degree in Cognitive Neuroscience. In addition to that Joachim also studied with world-renown Teachers as Bob Proctor, Brendon Burchard and Mary Morrissey.

Among others Joachim has worked in Germany with Fraunhofer, BFE, OSC, OFFIS, with ANE in Spain, with companies in the UK, Switzerland, Netherland, France. He also worked with Reson Electronics, Avant Technologies and others in Taiwan, NTT and others in Japan, ED&C and others in South Korea, and with companies in China, Singapore, Pakistan, Afghanistan. And he worked with various individuals of different cultures and countries.

As a sought-after Coach, Consultant and professional Speaker Joachim offers highly effective neuroscience based Coaching to Executives and Business Leaders, and also inspiring workshops to Management Teams.
Joachim is one of very few Coaches who also includes spiritual aspects in his work, which are very important criteria for Success. He helps his clients to achieve outstanding Results in Business and Life, and works in Countries from Europe, Middle East to South-East Asia.

„Sometimes I am being asked how it is possible to work with people of different cultures. Well, Neuroscience is dealing with the brain which works the same way in every country and culture.
The human mind, the subconscious mind and spirituality also work the same everywhere in the world. My experience in many countries, cultures and religions, plus my studies of the brain and the human mind, allow me to help People and Businesses in all the locations of my activity.“ (Joachim Riewesell)